How do I remove the rear wheel of my Pedego Latch?

Tools Required:
  • 15mm Wrench - axle nuts
  • 10mm Wrench - belt tensioner
  • 5mm Allen - brake caliper
  • 4mm Allen - fender strut
  • 2.5mm Allen  - bell crank

Removal Process:
  • Remove the brake caliper, fender, and bell crank (the grey plastic unit on the right side of the axle that shifts gears).
  • Loosen both axle nuts. 
  • Loosen the belt tensioner.
  • Slide wheel forward in dropout to relieve belt tension and remove from the cog. Take special care not to damage the belt when removing the wheel. 
  • To put the wheel back on, just follow those steps in reverse, making sure there is light to moderate pressure on the belt after the axle nuts are tightened. 
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