Error Code 09

Error Code 9 on ANANDA controller: Display Communication Receiving Error

What to Check: First, Make sure the battery is off, and remove it from the bike. Then unravel the plastic wrapping that is wrapped around the LCD wire and brake lever. Make sure that the connection for the LCD is plugged in completely. If it is plugged in, unplug the connector, make sure the pins inside the connection are all straight, and line the arrows up to reconnect. Open up the controller box (remove 4 the Phillips head screws located behind the seat on the front side of the battery sleeve) and make sure the black 5 wire LCD connector is securely plugged in. Reinstall the controller, insert the battery, power on the battery, and test the bike. If you are still receiving an error 09 contact tech support at or (800) 646-8604.

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