Difference in Pedego Batteries

Our experience shows that most people will be completely satisfied with the standard 36V 10AH battery. In general, it provides plenty of power and it usually lasts longer than the person riding the bike. It will take a 170lbs person 20 miles on flat ground without pedaling. That said, most people do choose to upgrade to either the extended range 36V 15AH battery or the more powerful 48V 10AH battery.

The extended range 36V 15AH battery is best for trips over 20 miles or if you plan to pedal very little or not at all. This battery will take you 50% further than the standard 10AH battery. Many people who use their Pedego to commute will choose this option. 

The more powerful 48V 10AH battery is best for riders over 200 pounds or if there are really steep hills involved. The 48V gives your Pedego plenty of power to make it up hills or to ride against pesky headwinds. The 48V 10AH will take you further than the 36V 10AH as long as you are still pedaling during your ride. This is our most popular battery option. 

Our newest battery, which will come to the market in January 2015, is a 48V 14.5AH battery. This is the battery that has it all: power and distance. We predict it will soon become our most popular battery. 

**please note: you cannot change out just the battery from a 36V to a 48V. You must also change the motor, throttle, controller and LCD screen**

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