My Pedego will not turn on / My Pedego does not have power

If you find that your bike will not turn on, please check the following steps to get your bike up and running!

  • First, make sure that the battery is plugged in, the battery is turned on and the LCD or throttle is turned on. Did this turn the bike on?


  • If not, turn off the battery and the LCD or throttle. Unravel the plastic wrapping that wraps around the throttle wire. After about 5 inches, you should see a Quick Disconnect. Make sure that is plugged in. If it is already plugged in, unplug it to make sure the pins are all straight. Line up the arrows to plug it back together. Did this turn the bike on?


  • The first two steps normally solve this issue, but if you are still finding that the bike is not receiving any power, please contact your local Pedego dealer or Pedego tech support for further assistance.
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